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“Without publicity there is no prosperity.”
– Yakov Zel’dovich


All key regional languages are supported for India distribution, including Hindi.

Reach all your targets – digital, print, broadcast, reporters, editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more.

Press conference

Offline & Virtual both (PAN INDIA)

we are involved in rendering Conferences Service. Executed by some of the deft personnel, these services are massively commended because of their reliability and client focused approach. Also, their reasonable costs and efficiency has received us massive patron base all across the nation.

Digital PR

Use online platforms to manage and grow the reputation, awareness, and understanding of your business.

your news is pushed to 200+ media outlets which include a variety of national media and business & financial circuits, and 700+ plus registered journalists and bloggers.

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How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

We strive to achieve excellence for our clientele. Instead of merely following the rules defining “how to do PR”, we focus on working with a myriad of ideas that may signify “best practice” within the public relation roles. We build two-way communication between a brand and its target audience, rather than asymmetric communication intended to influence the public. 

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

Today, our society is saturated with media news and information. Media conglomerates, social media, advertisements all compete for the attention of the public. This continuous flow of information and images is entertaining and empowering and leaves a mark on the consciousness of the consumers. To be heard amidst so many voices, our team of public relation specialists uses various strategic insights and communication to champion and promote our clients.

From Art to Science

Personalized tactics

To manage the public image of our clients, we employ various communication tactics including, Press release dissemination, digital campaigns, and press conferences/webinars. We choose to take an analytical approach to build and manage the reputation of our clients.

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We strive to pursue excellence for our clients

PR Pulse is an India-based public communications firm that offers services to promote and protect brands and their reputations. Our team of strategists, content writers, and creators works to generate long-term value for our clients. We take an analytical approach with insight-driven ideas to build meaningful connections with the audiences. We strive to pursue excellence for our clients.

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